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Helmut Abels
Faculty of mathematics
University of Regensburg
Universitätsstraße 31
D-93053 Regensburg

Office: M 110
Phone: ++49 (0)941 943 4288
Fax: ++49 (0)941 943 3263
e-mail: helmut.abels"at"
Secratary: Karin Zirngibl, Office M 218, Tel. ++49 (0) 941 943 2390

Helmut Abels

Short vita

Since August 2009 Professor for applied mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Regensburg
Apr 2009 - Jul 2009 Temporary position of a W2-professor (German: "Professurvertretung") at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Regensburg
Sep 2008 Habilitation at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, University of Leipzig
Oct 2007 - Mar 2008 Temporary position of a W2-professor (German: "Professurvertretung") at the Institute of Applied Mathematics at the Univerity of Bonn
Nov 2004 - Jul 2009 Scientific Assistant at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Science, Leipzig (on leave during Oct 2007 - Mar 2008, Apr 2009 - Jul 2009)
May 2003 PhD in mathematics, Darmstadt University of Technology
Aug 2001 - Mar 2002 Scientific work at the mathematical department of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, (supported by DAAD)
Sep 2000 - Oct 2004 Scientific assistant at the Department of Mathematics, Darmstadt University of Technology
Sep 2000 Diploma in mathematics
Apr 1996- Sep 2000 Studies in mathematics (major) and computer science (minor), Darmstadt University of Technology

Research interests

Partial differential equations and mathematical fluid mechanics; in particular Navier-Stokes equations and other models for viscous fluids
Free boundary value problems, phase separation and phase transition, diffuse interface models for free boundary value problems
Pseudodifferential boundary value problems and pseudodifferential operators with non-smooth coefficients
Regularity of solutions of elliptic and parabolic systems

Teaching material

  • Lecture notes to the course on pseudodifferential operators, autumn term 2003/04, TU Darmstadt:

List of publications

PhD thesis

"Stokes Equations in Asymptotically Flat Domains and the Motion of a Free Surface", Dissertation, TU Darmstadt, Shaker Verlag, Aachen, 2003.

Habilitation thesis

"Diffuse Interface Models for Two-Phase Flows of Viscous, Incompressible Fluids"


  1. "Pseudodifferential and Singular Integral Operators", Graduate Lecture, DeGruyter, 2011

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Preprints, submitted

  1. "Standard Planar Double Bubbles are Stable under Surface Diffusion Flow" with N. Arab and H. Garcke, Preprint arXiv:/1505.02979
  2. "Weak Solutions for a Non-Newtonian Diffuse Interface Model with Different Densities" with D.Breit, Preprint arXiv:/1509.05663

Preprints, not submitted

  1. "Thermodynamically consistent diffuse interface models for incompressible two-phase flows with different densities" with H. Garcke and G. Grün, Preprint, arXiv:/1011.0528

Proceedings contributions

  1. "Reduced Stokes equations and bounded Hinfty-calculus", Proc. EquaDiff 2003, World Scientific, pp. 365-370, 2005.
  2. "Bounded imaginary powers and Hinfty-calculus of the Stokes operator in unbounded domains", Proceedings of the Conference Nonlinear Elliptic and Parabolic Problems: A Special Tribute to the Work of Herbert Amann, Zürich, June 28-30, 2004. Progress in Nonlinear Diff. Eqns and their applications, Volume 64
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