Conference on Motives and Galois groups
on the occasion of Uwe Jannsen's 60th birthday

March 10 – March 12, 2014 (University of Regensburg)

Poster (pdf)
Schedule and program (pdf)


Alexander Beilinson, Chicago
Spencer Bloch, Chicago
John Coates, Cambridge
Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène, Paris
Vincent Cossart, Versailles
Christopher Deninger, Münster
Hélène Esnault, Berlin
Jean-Marc Fontaine, Paris
Patrick Forré, Regensburg
Thomas Geisser, Nagoya
Bruno Kahn, Paris
Wieslawa Niziol, Utah
Takeshi Saito, Tokyo
Peter Schneider, Münster
Kay Wingberg, Heidelberg


Moritz Kerz, Guido Kings, Shuji Saito

Conference Photo:


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When you register please tell us whether you would like to participate at the conference dinner on Tuesday, March 11.
Unfortunately, we cannot offer financial support for participantes at the moment. Participants are asked to book accommodations in Regensburg by themselves (list of hotels).
For general information on Regensburg and the way to the university see: Hints for visitors (partially in German).